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CSAH 14 (125th Avenue) Expansion Project


    CSAH 14 (125th Avenue) Expansion Project

    Anoka County – Virtual Public Meeting

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    Watch these brief comments from Project Manager Jorge Bernal, P.E. before you begin exploring the project materials.

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    Anoka County will hold a virtual and in-person public open house to present updates to the project after receiving feedback from the community last winter. We appreciate you joining us online to learn more about this project.

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    • The entire session should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.
    • Click through all 8 slides to learn more about this upcoming project and to take part in our survey and interactive comment map.
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    Project Overview

    What’s planned for CSAH 14/125th Avenue?

    Anoka County in partnership with the city of Blaine is finalizing the design to reconstruct 1.4 miles of CSAH 14 (125th Avenue) between Harpers Street and CSAH 17 (Lexington Avenue). We want to make your trip on this road safer and more convenient with fewer delays, whether you’re driving, riding along, walking, rolling or bicycling.

    Road Improvements

    Street improvements icon
    • A new bituminous road surface with one additional thru lane and paved shoulders in both directions of travel will allow this stretch of CSAH 14 to meet the existing and future vehicle demand and reduce congestion.
    • The current rural road section will be upgraded to an urban section with concrete curb and gutter with storm sewer system.
    • A new traffic signal at the intersection of CSAH 14 and Legacy Creek Parkway/North Lake Boulevard will help manage traffic flow and access.
    • A raised concrete median will be added to separate traffic and reduce the potential for head-on and left-turn collisions along the road.
    • Right- and left-turn lane extensions will be constructed along the route to reduce traffic backups.
    • Based on public input, Zest Street will be constructed as a full access intersection that can handle existing and potential future traffic. Making upgrades and planning for growth now means we won’t need to reconstruct the intersection again in the near future.

    Pedestrian Improvements

    Pedestrian improvements icon
    • A multi-use paved bituminous trail will be constructed along the south side of CSAH 14 to enhance safety for walkers and bicyclists. The existing trail on the west side of Harpers Street will be extended to CSAH 17 (Lexington Avenue) to provide trail connectivity and provide more trail options within the area.
    • Sidewalks and pedestrian crossings at the proposed traffic signal at CSAH 14 and Legacy Creek Parkway/North Lake Boulevard will include ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps and pedestrian-activated push buttons that are accessible to everyone.

    Drainage Improvements

    Drainage improvements icon
    • Location-specific drainage issues based on public input will be addressed.
    • Current rural roadside drainage ditches will be replaced by an urban drainage system to collect and treat stormwater runoff.
    • Additional stormwater collection ponds along this stretch of CSAH 14 to meet MPCA and watershed district rules related to stormwater runoff and treatment.

    Land Considerations

    Right of way icon
    • Minimize Right of Way impacts on surrounding properties.

    Project Schedule

    This project is currently scheduled to begin construction in 2022.

    Project Development Process

    CSAH 14 construction schedule

    Click the image above to enlarge.

    Project Area Issues

    What has been identified in the project area?

    Operational and Safety Issues

    This stretch of CSAH 14 has safety and potential future operational issues that the project will address to keep people moving through the city of Blaine and to adjacent communities and neighborhoods.

    Project issues icon

    Following the first round of public input, additional concerns have been identified and will be addressed with this project.

    • Deteriorating pavement surface
    • No channelization, or the separation of travel lanes from traffic coming from the opposite direction
    • No pedestrian or bicycle facilities
    • Inadequate stormwater treatment facilities that contribute to standing water and pollution
    • Unrestricted access limits mobility through the corridor
    • Future area development will add more vehicles to the road and contribute to congestion and delays
    • Turn lane queues during peak hours
    • Drainage issues at specific locations
    • Corridor consistency and driver expectations

    Project Benefits

    What changes are coming to the roadway?

    Solutions and Improvements

    Once construction is complete, the community will notice the following improvements:

    Smoother ride iconSmoother ride
    Traffic flow iconImproved traffic flow
    Safer road iconSafer road that separates oncoming traffic
    Better access iconIncreased mobility by restricting access
    Trail options iconMore trail options for walking and bicycling
    Drainage improvement iconImproved drainage along the route
    Travel lanes iconMore travel lanes to handle traffic today and well into the future

    Project Layout

    What are we currently proposing?

    Traveler Impacts

    • Take a look at the updated project layout and provide any comments you may have. Open a detailed PDF of the layout or check out the interactive map shown here.

    Your Feedback — Survey Question

    Construction Impacts

    What can you expect during construction?

    Impacts will vary based on how and when construction takes place. While we don’t all of those details yet, you can stay updated by checking our website for weekly construction updates at:

    Watch for...

    Trees iconTree clearing
    Excavator iconEarthwork and pond excavation on both sides of the road
    Storm sewer iconStorm sewer installation
    Construction sign iconTraffic cones and barrier to guide you through the construction zone
    Closure iconTraffic impacts: TBD
    Access iconAccess to residences along the road will be maintained throughout construction

    Public Comment Map

    How will people get to key destinations?

    Travel Information

    Comment map icon

    Explore the project area using the interactive map embedded below. To make a comment, select a point on the map to drop a pin and enter your feedback. We appreciate your input and knowledge of the area.

    Not sure what to say? Here’s what we want to know from the community.

    • What do you find challenging about traveling on this stretch of CSAH 14/125th Avenue?
    • What do you wish could be changed?
    • What’s working well that you want to stay the same?

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    Thank you for your interest in the CSAH 14 Expansion Project!


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    It’s important for the community to understand what to expect during and after construction. Please pass along the link to this virtual open house to family, friends, neighbors and coworkers that use CSAH 14 (125th Avenue) in this area so they know what to expect, too.

    Contact the Project Team

    Jorge Bernal, P.E., Anoka County Project Engineer | (763) 324-3185

    Nick Dobda, P.E., Anoka County Design Engineering Supervisor | (763) 324-3118

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